Last weekend my latest book, “Shark Tank Theology, soared to the top of Amazon’s book sales. Friday night, ABC ran the Shark Tank show, followed by a special show highlighting the show’s continuing success. The two hours sparked interest in all things “Shark”, and my book was blessed with a huge weekend.
I urge you to buy it and to get multiple copies for your friends. You will enjoy how Mark Burnett wove Biblical principles into the program and, how the book leads a person to faith in Jesus Christ. Most television viewers watch the show and it is a big hit world wide. The book will open their eyes to Jesus Christ right there where they are. They might not ever open a Bible. But when they watch that show and read the book, they will receive a powerful witness.You can order the book in any format from any major bookseller. Or, you may order it here, cheaper, using our pay pal feature. Pay eight dollars per copy which includes shipping and handling. Send me an email with your address and number of copies. Discounts are available for 10 or more copies. I look forward to hearing from you!

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