We had an encouraging morning with five first time visitors. One couple I had mentioned in a previous blog. Sharon and I had met them at Abuelos. It was great to have all.
This evening before church we stopped by to see our good friend Howard Lundin and his family. He has been ill for some time with cancer and hospice had begun their work with him this week. We had a wonderful space of grace with him yesterday when all were able to say good bye. Today I prayed with him as he lay unconscious in the bed room and then left for church. We were just down the street when he passed away. He went to church, too.
Bro. Howard was my deacon and friend for over 31 years. He was more loyal to me than anyone from the time he took me under his wing as a young preacher, to the time he last came to church to hear my son Jonathan a few weeks ago, until he passed away today. He was my right hand man, I love him, and will miss him dearly.
Please remember all of his dear family in prayer, especially his wife Delois. When he died, she was rushed to the hospital with chest pains. After a few hours there she was allowed to leave.
Heaven is richer tonight, and we are poorer.