I am watching again, the A.D. Series that Mark Burnett and Roma Downey put out two years ago at Easter. It is very well done and the scenes of Pilate, Peter and Caiphas on the night of the resurrection are thrilling. I appreciate this Christian couple for bringing back to television, the Gospel stories and themes.
Mark uses his television shows to also convey Biblical truth. I just wrote a book, “The Shark Tank Theology: How The Tank Mirrors Life’s Journey”. It is available on this website or at any bookstore world wide. In it, I take out some of the major themes and Biblical truth Mark put in. Shark Tank the show has a world wide popularity. Through the show, people are introduced to something sorely lacking in the great majority of shows on television; a Biblical world view.
Take for example one such truth that I will speaking on Sunday morning at 11. You cannot make up your own standards of acceptance before a judge. This can be in any venue but we are looking at the show. Contestants frequently come in and offer to the savvy businessmen their own made up standards of why the Sharks should invest in them. Mark Cuban or Lori Grenier should accept them and let them into their world because they are so passionate about their business. They are very hard workers. They just know that their product will sell because so many people gave them business cards at a trade show.
The Sharks hit back and hit back hard! Hard work is nice but it is not a standard for a partnership. Passion is good but it does not make for a viable reason for a Shark to get involved. As you watch the shows week after week, you will find that the Sharks operate from sound, absolute, investment and business principles. Without these, you are not likely to get a deal.
The same is true for many people today on their plans for their presentation to God for His judgment. They may look at Christians and decide that they are as good as those Christians so if they can go to Heaven, so can they. That is not a standard of God. They may reason, I am not as bad as all those people I see on the news. I am a good person, I gave 5.00 to a poor person on a corner with a sign this morning, surely God will not send me to Hell. That is not a standard. You may love your wife and grandchildren. You may be the kindest person on the block. You may send a check to St. Jude’s every year. None of these are the standard.
Hebrews 9:27 says, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” What will the standard of God be at that judgment? That is the key question and answer of it all. What will He accept? What standard will He judge by?
We find in the Bible, there is only one standard and it is His. No matter how we feel, no matter how sound a rationale we may construct in our minds, we will end up out of His presence, just as the contestants end up out of the Tank, when we try to make it up ourselves.
Join us Sunday morning at 11:00 for, “Your Presentation At Your Appointment”. Bring a friend.
And don’t forget! Easter is just weeks away, on the 16th.

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