Baptist churches are not known to be big on observing the Catholic tradition of Lent. In fact, it still catches me by surprise sometimes. I was in downtown Tulsa this week to attend a PAC theater production. As we drove into the area I was surprised to find many streets blocked off and police cars everywhere. I knew Shen Yunwas big, but had not expected this much attention. It was not for the show, however. It was for a celebration of Marci Gras. The night before Lent begins, on Ash Wednesday, is a night to enjoy and celebrate, before you fast and pray and give up something sacrificially, to concentrate on the Cross and spiritual matters. Today, giving up cigarettes, or for foods with sugar, or alcohol, are all popular options. Some give up Facebook or television. You separate from these and turn to a spiritual discipline. I’m with any believer who desires a closer walk with the Lord. I’m for a forty day period of preparing myself for celebrating the Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It might do us all good to humbly submit to such a season of focus on Him!
This Sunday we will have the focus of the Lord’s Supper. I will be asking you a question n the title of my message, “Are You A Big Godder, or, Are You A Little Godder?” Join us at 11 am as God brings His Word alive in our hearts. And, if you are giving up something for Lent, drop me a line and let me know at God bless you and remember, it is a great day, to have a great day!

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