Have a Blessed Celebration of The Bethlehem Night Miracle!

A well educated in India, teachers in a tough school, a struggling single mom, a family of four living in a small travel trailer, sleeping on the floor. There is a lot of real need out there as we come through this Season of Giving! Please join with us to change people’s lives to n the name of the One who came to change ours. And thanks so much to you who have already helped with generous giving. May God bless you richly! Have a most Blessed Christmas!

Have A Blessed Thanksgiving

I posted a photo in the December Edition of Dynamics For Living, showing a line of about 100 people. They were lined up from the shore of a dirty river, to a point far out in the water. They were passing a large barrel over their heads to the point where the barrel could be submerged. They filled it and then began to pass the heavy burden back to the shore. There it was placed on a cart pulled by a beast of burden and taken to their village. They will cook, drink, and wash from that polluted source. I posted it as we are raising money to dig them a well as our Christmas project. I am so thankful that when I get up in the morning, I can just turn on a spigot and have all the clean, fresh water I desire.
We are so blessed to live in the Republic of the United States! I am so grateful that God, for whatever reason, allowed me to be born and raised here. He certainly has shed His grace on us!
I trust you have a wonderful celebration and day of thanks to Him. Enjoy the little ones that are growing up so fast. Enjoy the treasures, the older folks nearing the end of their pilgrimage, the ones who may not make it to many more of these festive dinners. Enjoy your family and friends and the bounty God has given you.
A retired seminary president was asked what one attribute he would most like for his kids to have. He replied, “Gratefulness.” He said something like, there are no grateful cynics, grateful selfish people, grateful angry people, or grateful hateful people. How true. So bless, be blessed, and be grateful! From me, from Sharon, and from our church, we wish you a most Blessed Thanksgiving! We love you! God bless!

Hispanic Services Begin Today

We will now have Hispanic Services on Sundays from 1 to 4! It starts today as Pastor Saul preaches in Spanish, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come visit!

Preaching To The Nursery

What if you went to church this Sunday (That would be something, for some of you, wouldn’t it? As impossible as the Cubs winning the World Series. Oh wait a minute; there’s hope now isn’t there?) and it was announced that you had a guest speaker for the day. The pastor would be preaching elsewhere. Well, you know that happens from time to time so it is no big deal. but then, it is announced where he will be preaching. He is on the grounds, at the church. He will be preaching,….in the nursery! Now, you have seen the nursery. Your kids may have started out in there. Baby beds, infant swings, and noise, lots and lots of noise. Babies all over, crying, uttering unintelligible sounds, babbling, and, not really listening. How can he preach in there? You laugh at the thought of it.
And yet, the Apostle Paul alludes to just such a situation in Hebrews 5 and my sermon Sunday at 11:00 am is titled, “How Do You Preach To The Nursery?” Join us for another exciting Sunday at Charity!

Outside of the Box

“Outside of the Box”. Good advice for churches today as we stand on fast shifting sands. New wine skins are multiplying and rightfully so! This Sunday, we are going outside the box. At 10 AM we will have a wedding. I met a trainer at the YMCA a few years ago and invited her to church. She has been coming for some time now and has brought in a lot of visitors, including her boyfriend. She asked if she could be married on Sunday. She wants to begin their married life in church and plans to stay, with her family and guests, for the morning service where all will hear the Gospel. Now, inside the box, we might not have agreed to this. But, 40 guests? Lots of unsaved people who go to church only for weddings and funerals? What an opportunity! Don’t miss Sunday at 10 for the wedding, and the service at 11 am. Join us outside the box!

Visit Today!

We have a special morning coming up. We are showing Billy Graham’s new film, “My Hope” at 10 am. At 11 I will be speaking on “Everyone Wins” . And don’t forget! We still have Sunday night services at 6:00 pm. Many churches no longer offer a Sunday night meeting. Get your Monday morning off to a great start with one last meeting! We are currently doing the Names of God. Tonight we will interrupt that series with some evangelism ideas for Halloween. It is a beautiful Fall day. Join us!

Hold On Tight!

Have you ever told someone to “Hold on tight!” You were about to accelerate rather fast, or sky dive, or take someone with you on your Harley. Well, twice in Hebrews we have such a warning. Join us Sunday morning as I speak on “Hold On Tight”, at 11 am. Can’t wait to see you!