Loving The Neighborhood

Tomorrow our church will meet at 10:00 am at a laundry near the church. Members bring rolls of quarters. Church will provide soap and tracts. We will pay for the customer’s washing and provide the soap. We will witness and be available for prayer.See you at 10 am members!

Amazon Bestseller

Last weekend my latest book, “Shark Tank Theology, soared to the top of Amazon’s book sales. Friday night, ABC ran the Shark Tank show, followed by a special show highlighting the show’s continuing success. The two hours sparked interest in all things “Shark”, and my book was blessed with a huge weekend.
I urge you to buy it and to get multiple copies for your friends. You will enjoy how Mark Burnett wove Biblical principles into the program and, how the book leads a person to faith in Jesus Christ. Most television viewers watch the show and it is a big hit world wide. The book will open their eyes to Jesus Christ right there where they are. They might not ever open a Bible. But when they watch that show and read the book, they will receive a powerful witness.You can order the book in any format from any major bookseller. Or, you may order it here, cheaper, using our pay pal feature. Pay eight dollars per copy which includes shipping and handling. Send me an email with your address and number of copies. Discounts are available for 10 or more copies. I look forward to hearing from you!

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40 Days of Lent

Baptist churches are not known to be big on observing the Catholic tradition of Lent. In fact, it still catches me by surprise sometimes. I was in downtown Tulsa this week to attend a PAC theater production. As we drove into the area I was surprised to find many streets blocked off and police cars everywhere. I knew Shen Yunwas big, but had not expected this much attention. It was not for the show, however. It was for a celebration of Marci Gras. The night before Lent begins, on Ash Wednesday, is a night to enjoy and celebrate, before you fast and pray and give up something sacrificially, to concentrate on the Cross and spiritual matters. Today, giving up cigarettes, or for foods with sugar, or alcohol, are all popular options. Some give up Facebook or television. You separate from these and turn to a spiritual discipline. I’m with any believer who desires a closer walk with the Lord. I’m for a forty day period of preparing myself for celebrating the Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It might do us all good to humbly submit to such a season of focus on Him!
This Sunday we will have the focus of the Lord’s Supper. I will be asking you a question n the title of my message, “Are You A Big Godder, or, Are You A Little Godder?” Join us at 11 am as God brings His Word alive in our hearts. And, if you are giving up something for Lent, drop me a line and let me know at Williamkhatfield@gmail.com. God bless you and remember, it is a great day, to have a great day!

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Welcome To February

Last Sunday we had two families with a total of 10 visitors between them! Loved having all the kids. I hard from one of the father’s this week. He was so pleased that his high school teen, a young man, loved it. He said, “I can’t believe my son enjoyed it so much. He wants to come back.” They have promised to come tomorrow. Tomorrow we begin February. It will be a “Super Sunday” for us, not because it is Super Bowl Sunday, but as we have the Lord’s Supper. We will finish up our goal setting and hopefully will have everyone back from colds and the flu. See you at 11:00 am! God bless you!

Have a Blessed Celebration of The Bethlehem Night Miracle!

A well educated in India, teachers in a tough school, a struggling single mom, a family of four living in a small travel trailer, sleeping on the floor. There is a lot of real need out there as we come through this Season of Giving! Please join with us to change people’s lives to n the name of the One who came to change ours. And thanks so much to you who have already helped with generous giving. May God bless you richly! Have a most Blessed Christmas!

Have A Blessed Thanksgiving

I posted a photo in the December Edition of Dynamics For Living, showing a line of about 100 people. They were lined up from the shore of a dirty river, to a point far out in the water. They were passing a large barrel over their heads to the point where the barrel could be submerged. They filled it and then began to pass the heavy burden back to the shore. There it was placed on a cart pulled by a beast of burden and taken to their village. They will cook, drink, and wash from that polluted source. I posted it as we are raising money to dig them a well as our Christmas project. I am so thankful that when I get up in the morning, I can just turn on a spigot and have all the clean, fresh water I desire.
We are so blessed to live in the Republic of the United States! I am so grateful that God, for whatever reason, allowed me to be born and raised here. He certainly has shed His grace on us!
I trust you have a wonderful celebration and day of thanks to Him. Enjoy the little ones that are growing up so fast. Enjoy the treasures, the older folks nearing the end of their pilgrimage, the ones who may not make it to many more of these festive dinners. Enjoy your family and friends and the bounty God has given you.
A retired seminary president was asked what one attribute he would most like for his kids to have. He replied, “Gratefulness.” He said something like, there are no grateful cynics, grateful selfish people, grateful angry people, or grateful hateful people. How true. So bless, be blessed, and be grateful! From me, from Sharon, and from our church, we wish you a most Blessed Thanksgiving! We love you! God bless!

Hispanic Services Begin Today

We will now have Hispanic Services on Sundays from 1 to 4! It starts today as Pastor Saul preaches in Spanish, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come visit!