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Kept in His Name

Sermon Audio: Kept in His Name. Text: John 17:9-12.


A Family Benefit: Jesus’ Prayers part 2

Sermon audio: A Family Benefit: Jesus’ Prayers, part 2. Text: John 17:9,20.

A Family Benefit: Jesus’s Prayers

Sermon Audio: A Family Benefit: Jesus’ Prayers. Text: John 17:9,20.


Like Unto Him

Sermon Audio: Like Unto Him. Text: 2Ch 35:1-6; 2Ki 23:25.


Feeding Lessons

Sermon Audio: Feeding Lessons. Text: Mark 6:32-44.


A Photo Album in Words

Sermon Audio: A Photo Album in Words. Text: John 17:8.

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A Warning: The Prophet’s Bones

Sermon audio: A Warning: The Prophet’s Bones. Text: 1Kings 13:1-32 (also 2Ch 34:33; 2Ki 23:16 and following).

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