I was filming a television pilot earlier this year for Nutopia for a proposed show for the History Channel. A decision will be made soon as to whether or not they will pick it up.
During the filming I made some good friends with the film crew. The producers, directors, cameramen, all were quality folks and were a credit to their company and industry.
I gave each member of the crew a copy of my latest book, “The Shark Tank Theology”. I explained to the head producer how someone in their own industry, Mark Burnett, had not only produced the miniseries, “The Bible”, and “A.D.”, but, that he also had produced several prime time television hits, including “Shark Tank”, with Biblical themes. He listened, took the book and thanked me.
I saw him the next day and he had read the book. He said, “After reading your book, no one will ever watch Shark Tank the same again. They will be seeing it through your lens.”
He got it!
Tomorrow morning I am preaching on, “Why We Get To Go To Church”. Not “have to”; “get to”. A preacher I enjoy watching said recently, “What I see, is up to me.” It is. And as we are going to “see”, going to church is a “get to” situation.
We are also going to observe the Lord’s Supper, and in that, Jesus used our vision, didn’t He? He gave us an ordinance to do until He comes again and He gave us only two simple elements to it. We have the fruit of the vine and a small wafer of unleavened bread. He told us that these represent His blood and His body. That precious ordinance was a vital part of the early church’s life and it helps us see through the fog all around us as we come to the table and are reminded of these timeless truths. I look forward to taking it with you tomorrow.
William Blake once wrote something like this (There is more than one variation of it.)

This world distorts the heavens from pole to pole and dims the windows of the soul.
And leads us to believe a lie,
when we see with, instead of through the eye.

You go to the eye doctor occasionally to have your vision checked and to perhaps change the lens that you see “through”. Well, in these last days, we need to check what we are seeing through. Come tomorrow and get a vision check from eternity.
God bless you all!