A pastor looked over his afternoon appointments one day and saw that he would be counseling one of his favorite members. John was in his forties, had a beautiful wife, and three great kids. He was a professional making good money, was generous to the church, and could be counted on for whatever was going on in their ministry. The minister looked forward to seeing him and wondered why he had requested they talk in his home office rather than at the church or a nearby coffee house.

He found out why. The member arrived and after an exchange of pleasantries he got right down to business. He said, “Pastor, I’m going to tell you something that has happened in my life. I am not here to discuss it. I am not here to reason it out or to be condemned or judged. I’ve made my decision, it is settled, and I will not revisit it no matter what you say. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” replied the pastor, somewhat hesitantly. He wanted more information and still wanted all of his options open. But, he decided to see what was going on with John. So, he added, “Go ahead and tell me what this is about, John.”

“Well, my marriage has been okay. We have been married over 20 years and I have great kids. But, I have had a restlessness for some time. I have not felt fulfilled and I feel trapped. To make a long story short, I have this tremendous assistant at work. We did not intend to do it but we have fallen in love. She is 26, beautiful, intelligent and makes me feel young and alive. I am in love with her and have asked her to marry me. She said yes.

Now here’s what I need to know. I don’t want you judging me. I don’t want to hear that this is wrong, and what about your kids, and all of that. All I want to know from you is this; when I die, will I still go to Heaven?”

And what did the pastor reply?

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