Pastor Hatfield’s books are available at Amazon or here.

Last year Lambert Publishing released Pastor Hatfield’s latest book, “The Distinctions Between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God”. It is now available on His earlier books, “A Heart For God”, “Dynamics For Living”, and “When God Empties You” are also there. They will soon be joined by, “The Theology of Shark Tank; How The Tank Mirrors Life’s Journey”. Creation House is putting this one out in the next couple of months. You may also order all but “The Distinctions…” books here on this website.

Church Available For Services

We would love to have you come and be part of the family meeting here at Charity. Currently we have Saturdays available for 3 hours in the morning or evening, plus Tuesday morning or evening for the same, for 1000.00 a month. Call us at 918-752-1506 if you are interested.

Welcome Back!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by our website. We are gearing up for ministry this summer and fall here at Charity. I have an interview coming out in Charisma soon. The Charisma Publishing arm, Creation House, will be releasing my latest book, “The Theology of Shark Tank” in the next couple of months. You will be able to order it here. Be sure to listen to our podcast on Charisma Connection, titled, Hatfield’s McCoy’s and Jesus. And come by this Sunday at 11 when we will be celebrating Father’s Day! God bless you!

New Year Ministry

Are you ready? Here it is! Like fresh fallen snow awaiting the first foot prints. A blank sheet of paper waiting for the first words. An event calendar to be filled in.
And we who believe will not be doing all of the walking, writing and filling in. God directs the path of the just. He orders our steps, illuminates our way and guides us on paths He chooses. He does not pause for calendar changes and the end of a year and beginning of new one. But, He is all for contemplation, rededication, redirection, repentance, do overs, second chances and resolutions of a spiritual nature.
2014 ended with Christians being killed all over the world for their testimony and faith in Christ. In the Middle East they watched as family members were crucified, pulled from buses and shot, or slain by beheadings. In the face of all of this we need to boldly proclaim Christ. “I am a Christian. Here’s how you can become one.”
We ended 14 with a strong month. Our newest members were baptized, joined the church and I married them early in the month. We had a powerful outpouring of love and support, with the Gospel, to the ladies at Day Spring Villa. We delivered 41 gift bags, and hundreds of toys and gift cards to the battered wives and sex trafficking victims there, along with the gospel. We had lots of visitors and can build on that in the New Year. Come and visit as we stand for Christ in 2015!

Tulsa Church For Rent

Our facility can be rented for Saturdays, plus Tuesday night for three hours for 1000.00 per month.  Contact 918-742-1506.

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6 Baptized

Two weeks ago we had a great Sunday, with 6 baptized new members and over twenty visitors in a packed out auditorium!  I had hit 150 houses that week with Gospel door hangers and invitations. We did not get any response out of that but the response we did get was from personal evangelism. A restaurant I like to eat at in Sapulpa brought in a family of three as the night manager, his wife to be, and her son, came as a result of my witnessing to them. They were baptized and on this special occasion they brought a large number of family and friends. I told them of a fine church in Sapulpa and that I would introduce them to the pastor there. After all that is a long drive to make every week. They insisted, however, that they want to stay so we will go with this for now. I would love to have them, but again, that is a long way to go several times a week.

     We are now making plans for Easter. We will be showing “Courageous” on Good Friday at 6 pm. The producer/director/star of the show will be here the week before. Alex Kendrick will be speaking at a private academy here in Tulsa. He is the man behind “Flywheel”, “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants”. These are all excellent films with a great Gospel witness. “Courageous” lives up to the high standards already established.

     On the Saturday before Easter we will be having a “Free Garage Sale”, as a way of sharing Christ’s love in a practical way. This community service has been a real blessing for several years now. If you would like to donate gently used clothing, furniture, or other items, just contact me at 9187421506.

     Be sure to come and visit with us on any Sunday! God bless you!

Restaurant Closings

In the last couple of months we’ve had the usual turnover in the restaurant industry here in Tulsa. I took note of three.
First up was Casa Bonita, for the second time. And to make sure there is no comeback this time around, all of the fixtures were auctioned off last month. This iconic restaurant, famous for sopapillas and an all you could eat special, was unable to get going again. I can still remember driving by on Friday and Saturday nights and seeing church buses from out of state seeking a parking place in an over flowing parking lot. Hard to believe its gone.
Next up was Famous Dave’s BBQ. Since we ate there only a week before it’s closing it was fresh on my mind. You could see the changes as the portions became smaller, the help a little testy, and the elimination of a few frills (corn on the cob no longer with every meal). Still, with 6 or so sauces and some great brisket I’ll miss my couple a year visits.
And finally, the last Ryan’s in Tulsa shut the doors. Admittedly, this was not haute cuisine and I had not been there in years. We used it when our church was on the east side and when we needed a large banquet room for special occasions. So why do I feel a sense of loss?
Years ago I took a visiting evangelist there at his request. He told me as we ate that he would save me some money with his ministers card. I asked what that was. He opened his wallet and pulled out a card that was issued by Ryan’s and which gave the bearer a free lunch or dinner at any Ryan’s. He asked, “You don’t have one? I’ll get you one!” Before I could respond he called a manager over, showed him the card, and asked for one for me as a pastor. The manager left to get one and while he was gone my friend explained the card. The founder of Ryan’s (presumably someone named Ryan) wanted to honor God’s servants in some way, in appreciation for God’s blessing upon his business. So, he decided to give all pastors, missionaires and evangelists the privilege of eating free at his restaurants. Each restaurant had these cards for God’s servants.
Well, the manager came back and gave me the card. The terms had been changed somewhat, as now ministers could only eat free on Wednesdays. But still, what a nice expression of appreciation for God’s men.
I never used the card, but still have it somewhere. I appreciate people, especially in our day, who go out of their way to honor God’s servants. I don’t know why Ryan’s exited the Tulsa market but I trust God will continue to bless them for this kindness.
By the way, you probably know a pastor somewhere who faithfully labors through it all. Do something special for him, today, while you are thinking about it. Jesus said the way you treat a man of God is the way you treat Him. He will bless you for your kindness to His servants.