Visit Today!

We have a special morning coming up. We are showing Billy Graham’s new film, “My Hope” at 10 am. At 11 I will be speaking on “Everyone Wins” . And don’t forget! We still have Sunday night services at 6:00 pm. Many churches no longer offer a Sunday night meeting. Get your Monday morning off to a great start with one last meeting! We are currently doing the Names of God. Tonight we will interrupt that series with some evangelism ideas for Halloween. It is a beautiful Fall day. Join us!

Hold On Tight!

Have you ever told someone to “Hold on tight!” You were about to accelerate rather fast, or sky dive, or take someone with you on your Harley. Well, twice in Hebrews we have such a warning. Join us Sunday morning as I speak on “Hold On Tight”, at 11 am. Can’t wait to see you!

Don’t Come Up Short

Have you ever “come up short”? Do you look back with regret at times when you did? Perhaps if you had stuck it out in that class. Or that marriage. Maybe you came really close to realizing a dream or go al. Be with us tomorrow morning at 11 am at Charity! Have a blessed Saturday!

7 Traits of a Bondservant of Jesus Christ

My friend Curt Shacklett has written an outstanding book on what it means to be a bondslave for Jesus Christ. I just got mine on kindle last night (It is an e book.) and could not put it down. Curt is a lawyer and he makes the case with a skillful weaving of the subject throughout the New Testament. It is moving and powerful. It only cost four dollars and some change making it the best bargain you will have all year. I urge you to go to amazon and get your copy today. We will all be better people for having read it! Enjoy!

Free Book Sunday

My new book, “The Shark Tank Theology” will be officially released on Tuesday, September 6th. This Sunday morning, every family will receive a free copy, who missed the book signing Saturday night at The Assembly. See you Sunday at 11:00 am!

Pastor Hatfield’s books are available at Amazon or here.

Last year Lambert Publishing released Pastor Hatfield’s latest book, “The Distinctions Between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God”. It is now available on His earlier books, “A Heart For God”, “Dynamics For Living”, and “When God Empties You” are also there. They will soon be joined by, “The Theology of Shark Tank; How The Tank Mirrors Life’s Journey”. Creation House is putting this one out in the next couple of months. You may also order all but “The Distinctions…” books here on this website.

Welcome Back!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by our website. We are gearing up for ministry this summer and fall here at Charity. I have an interview coming out in Charisma soon. The Charisma Publishing arm, Creation House, will be releasing my latest book, “The Theology of Shark Tank” in the next couple of months. You will be able to order it here. Be sure to listen to our podcast on Charisma Connection, titled, Hatfield’s McCoy’s and Jesus. And come by this Sunday at 11 when we will be celebrating Father’s Day! God bless you!